The Amanda Ensemble was founded in Gothenburg in 1981. Bengt Ollén (now active in Stockholm) was the initiator, and his purpose was plain enough - he wanted to conduct a small sized choir with good singers. However, a few years later Lars Smedlund took over and the composition of the group gradually changed. In the middle of the eighties a group of (then) young people with some theatre experience joined Amanda. An inclination to make more out of a choir concert than commonly expected began to grow. The playfulness and creative minds of the group members and also their great courage in front of the audience attracted other singers, most of them educated in music. And we all wanted the same: to find out the limits of a choir´s performance! So, in 1988 Amanda, as we know it today, was born. That is to say, we made the first production that really differed from what people were used to in this musical genre. We called it "Läckage" - in English that would be "Leakage" - among other things a psychiatric term meaning something like ´getting out of your mind´. A legitimate way to let anything happen! The audience was overwhelmed and our self-confidence grew. Today we're still working in about the same way as we did back then - maybe only in a somewhat more mature way since many of us are still there! Our shows are still produced by all of us together. It's a mixture of working technically with the music, improvising on the stage floor and extensive discussing of ideas. This is a rather tough way to work. It takes time and there are always chances of conflicts lurking, but as years have gone by, we've learned to respect one another.

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