Anders Hagberg

For discography go to Winduo ANDERS HAGBERG - flutes, saxophones, composer, arranger, teacher • Growing up in the city of Uppsala. • Studied at the Gothenburg University of Music inbetween 1979 and 1983. • Majored in improvisation for flutes and saxophones. • Freelance musician since 1983. • Teaching at the Gothenburg Conservatory of Music. BIOGRAPHY Anders Hagberg has played with a great number of Scandinavian musicians and groups ranging from rock and jazz to folk music and modern ballet. He has been touring internationally in more then 20 countries and he is featured on a long string of albums and filmmusicscores. As an instrumentalist, Anders Hagberg has a very unique and special "voice" and he has gained a lot of attention and appreciation for his expressive and masterly way of playing his instruments. He is one of the top flute improvisers in Scandinavia, and his soprano saxophone-tone has a rare beauty and intensity. He is also a virtuoso on the traditional scandinavian overtoneflute, "sälgflöjt". Anders Hagberg´s trademark, if you will, is music that sees no boundaries. With his roots firmly planted in Scandinavia he mixes jazz with various elements from diverse musical cultures into a personal and exciting sound. Hence, he´s nowadays part of several Scandinavian constellations that operates in the vicinity of folk music and jazz. His unique sound, or trademark, can especially be heard in his own group Earthsongs where old nordic traditions like jojk, kulning and overtone flute meet the sound and vibes of the musicians of the 2000s. His Cds öEarthsongsö(99) and "The Herd" (01) were both nominated for the Swedish grammy award . The has group toured Scandinavia, Canada and Poland The group Mynta has featured Anders Hagberg since the late 80´s, and he´s played with several Indian classical musicians in this group, a.o. the singer Shankar Mahadevan and the legendary ghatam player T.H."Vikku" Vinayakram from the John McLaughlin group Shakti. Mynta has toured all over Scandinavia, Europe, Argentina, China and of course India. They have released four albums( two swedish grammy nominations) and two compilations. Hagberg has also been - together with musicians Pierre Dörge, Marilyn Mazur and John Tchicai - a part of the Danish-American group New Jungle Orchestra for a few years and toured Europe with them. Another constellation Anders Hagberg has taken part in is the duo Winduo where he shared credits with double bass player Yasuhito Mori(from groups with Stan Getz & Toots Thielemans)The duo has released four albums and toured Yasuhito Mori´s home territory Japan. Among the many various other projects that Anders Hagberg has participated in, a long term relationship with Faroese composer Kristian Blak´s group Yggdrasil (featuring bassplayer Anders Jormin who is also a colleauge at Gothenburg Music University) should be mentioned. His contributions to vocalist Gunnel Mauritzon Group and his work with the Gothenburg Opera and the Backa Theater is also worth to acknowledge. During the 80s Hagberg was touring and recording with rocksinger Björn Afzelius. Received grants a.o. from Swedish Performing Rights Association, Konstnärsnämnden and Gothenburg´s Culture Scholarship. Hagberg is also teaching at the Gothenburgh MusicConservatory. (School of Music at the Gothenburh University) in Improvisation and Ethnic Music. He has been doing a lot of workshops and seminars in all Scandinavia as well as Argentina & China. Recent collaborations are with organplayer Johannes Landgren with a program where two traditons of improvisation meet, and another duoproject with percussion- and pianoplayer Christian Jormin. During spring 2003 Hagberg has composed music for a film about the work of photographer Lennart Nilsson. The film will be broadcasted in Europé during fall of 2003.

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