Karolina Vucidolac

"Ingen svensk sångerska har den brasilianska musiken så i ryggmärgen som Karolina Vucidolac. Här faller hon bakåt på Ipanemastranden och kallar på vackra cariocapojkar att ta emot henne, men hon är så rytmiskt snabb och ogripbar att hon förmodligen är borta innan de hinner fram."
Martin Nyström, DN
KAROLINA VUCIDOLAC with NOSSO TRIO from Brazil. New album. Karolina Vucidolac – vocal Nelson Faria – guitar Ney Conceição – bass Kiko Freitas - drums Swedish vocal Karolina Vucidolac makes a tribute to Brazilian composers as Antonio Carlos Jobim, Edu Lobo, Nelson Faria, Chico Buarque a.o. mainly with musicians from Brazil. Karolina has worked with Brazilian music for 15 years. In February 2004 the group makes a tour in Sweden in connection with a recording for a CD album. Guitarist and composer Nelson Faria, www.nelsonfaria.com/, is a very outstanding musician in Brazil. He is Karolina's main contact in Brazil. She did a couple of songs on his latest album released in Brazil. Nelson Faria is a member of Joao Bosco's band. He is an ambassador for Barzilian music all over the world. The other members of Joao Bosco's group are drummer Kiko Freitas, www.kikofreitas.com.br/, and bass player Ney Conceição. They are both highly respected musicians in Brazil. All three will play with Karolina in this project, that means some of the very best in the genre. Pianist Daniel Turano has his roots in Argentina and lives in Sweden since 18 years. He is already well known to the Swedish public. Today Karolina is 38 years and she started her vocal career when she was about twenty. The first years she toured all over the world to countries like Japan, France, Spain, Greece and sang in night clubs, restaurants, piano bars etc. These engagements gave her the possibility to sing different music styles in different languages that gave her a wide musical background. But it was the Brazilian music (the bossa nova and the more jazz influenced Brazilian music) that became her music and Brazil her musical homeland. In 1999 she got the chance to sing with Nelson Faria. It was at the jazz club Nefertiti in Göteborg. Nelson was impressed by her Portugisian singing and her feeling for the Brazilian music. When he recorded his solo album in Brazil 2002 he invited Karolina to participate on two tracks. She has been in Brazil three times during the last two years and met Edu Lobo och Chico Buarque, two of the greatest Brazilian composers. She has also worked with other Swedish groups such as Bohuslän Big Band, Jönköping's synfonietta, Hector Bingert, Ulf Wakenius, Tommy Kotter band, Laroye, David Sundby, Quartango a.o.

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