Oskar Stenmark

Piatruba begins in 2012. In Gärdebyn, a place in Dalecarlia known for its rich music tradition, Oskar's (paternal) grandmother grew up with her father Hans, his brother Olle Börjes and their music tradition. They were two highly respected fiddlers that represented an ancient tradition. The music has been passed on for generations and goes back as far as to the 18th century. Oskar Stenmark, the 10th generation to play this music formed Piatruba to bring back these melodies back to life.
Oskar is working on the music while being in New York, adding new elements and influences to the sound of an old Swedish tradition.
The debut album was recorded at Studio Epidemin and is available on iTunes and Spotify.
In 2017 the music will travel to Minneapolis, Chicago, Rockford, Bishop Hill, Eau Claire, Rochester, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and New York City.
Oskar Stenmark - Flugelhorn
Robin Skarin - Grand Piano
Linus Fredin - Double Bass

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