Ove Ingemarsson

Ove Ingemarsson saxophone player and composer has gathered some of his favorite music friends on this album. He is also one of the leading soloists in Bohuslän Big Band. Ove is required in many different groups. You can also hear him in Ulf Wakenius Group on 'First Step' IGCD 034 Peter Vuust Quartet on 'Homesick' IGCD 101 Peter Vuust Quartet on 'Image of falling IGCD 122 Bohuslän Big Band on 'Pegasos' IGCD 050 Bohuslän Big Band on 'One poem one painting' IGCD 074 Bohuslän Big Band on 'Faces' IGCD 084 Bohuslän Big Band on 'Zappa' IGCD 089 Personkrets II-V-I on 'Obsolete Music' IGCD 137

Heart Of The Matter

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