Rolf Jardemark

Rolf Jardemark has now released his fourth album on Imogena. "Jardemark is unable to resist his need to play jazz" - writes a critic from the British "Jazz Journal. "After listening to the CD "Guitarland" most everyone is inclined to agree. In the Danish "Special Jazz" you find: "Jardemark plays 'real' jazz guitar and has a delightful and warm sound".

Rolf Jardemark, born 1960 in Gothenburg, Sweden. He picked up the guitar at the age of twelve. After a few years of self studies he enrolled at music high school. In 1977 Jardemark and fellow guitarist Per Hovensjö founded a duo, still active today. The lively jazz scene of Gothenburg, with musicians as e.g. guitarist Ulf Wakenius and the jazz club "Artdur" (now renamed "Nefertiti"), made a strong impression. After graduating from Gothenburg College of Music in 1985, Jardemark has been seen in many different musical constellations. Some of the artists with whom he has performed include Bohuslän Big Band, Michael Ruff, Nils Landgren, David Wilczewski, Lars Danielsson, Al Harewood, Bob Mintzer, Margaretha Evmark, Erik Gullbransson, Nils-Bertil Dahlander (Bert Dale), Lew Soloff to name a few. He appeared with Rune Gustafsson on the nationally televised show "Jazzduellen" (The Jazz Duel) in 1994. He played the guitar on more than 60 TV shows over the years and also worked at The Gothenburg Opera House performing: Jesus Christ Superstar, Chicago and Chorus Line. His latest CD together with Margaretha Evmark is a tribute to Cole Porter called "Get out of town". (Imogena)

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