Karin Klingenstierna - vocal Lisa Eriksson - piano Niss Kerstin Hallgren - bass Martina Almgren - drums Elisabeth Engdahl - saxophone Mia Samuelsson - trumpet STELLA was founded in 1995 in Göteborg by Mia Samuelsson and Karin Klingenstierna. The objective was to put together a 100% female band. Why? There is certainly a market for it, but there was also a curiosity: What happens when women play, arrange, and explore on their own conditions? Can we assume the full responsibility and even make a role model for other girls who want to play full-time? Music business is contradictory: on one hand, laden with clichés and iron cast gender roles, on the other hand boundless, accepting, and endlessly full of surprises. - The experiment succeeded and resulted in an eight-year period of gigs in barns, living rooms, museums, city halls, in tents and in hospitals, on boats, in cinemas, restaurants, arenas, and at clubs, companies, events, parties, weddings, festivals, fairs and world exhibitions, on the radio and on TV, from Jonsered to Hannover- you name it! STELLA is a cover band which mainly plays other peoples´ songs but with a sound of their own, using for instance a double bass and rich choirs. All are experienced musicians. For parts of their working life, all ladies have earned a living on stage. . In 2002, STELLA was the house band in one of Sweden´s most popular quiz-shows, a long-time runner of more than 15 years. This increased the repertoire considerably. From this list, and by adding a few long-time favourites, the songs of the album STELLA XL were chosen. It contains ten cover songs and also an own composition, which is to be followed by a future album with original songs only. The album contains soul, jazz, cajun-country (a never-heard version of the RedNex hit Cotton Eye Joe).


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