Svend Asmussen Quartet

Svend Asmussen 90 år, still going strong. I sommar planeras medverkan i Copenhagen Jazz Festival och just nu under söker vi möjligheterna att få gruppen med Svend till Göteborg också. Jacob Fischer - guitar Jesper Lundgaard - bass Aage Tanggaard - drums Svend Asmussen recorded Cherokee for the first time in 1943. And now, more than 50 years later, he gives us a new version of it. At that time he had already played the violin as a professional for ten years. Through all his career, Asmussen has combined the roots of jazz with Scandinavian folkmusic, Brazilian rhythms and contemporary music, and they all seem natural to him. Asmussen is very thorough preparing his performances and choosing musicians for his group. With the 30 year old Jacob Fischer on guitar, this group reaches over three generations of jazz. Asmussen thinks he has got his best rhythm section in forty years.

Fiddling Around

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