Veronica Mortensen

Singer and composer VERONICA MORTENSEN has often been cited as one of the most interesting danish vocalists. Born in Aarhus (Denmark), VERONICA MORTENSEN lived 8 years together with her Greek mother in Athens (Greece) and was 20 years old when she moved back to Denmark to pursue a singing career. She studied music at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus and took her Diploma exam from Rhythmic Conservatory of Copenhagen. Beside her studies, she's been performing on several cd's and TV-shows, both as a lead singer and as a background vocalist.
Lately VERONICA MORTENSEN has been working with several Big Bands, among them Swedish Bohuslän Big Band, with whom she’s been touring a number of times in Sweden. Her 3rd album öI’m The Girlö, a live recording together with Klüvers Big Band from Aarhus (Denmark), is to be released in spring 2010. The album shows what a great live performer she is and contains not only her own material, but also interpretations of other well-known songs.

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