Winduo - World Winds

  • Open Winds
    Anders Hagberg
  • Tutu
    Marcus Miller
  • Japan Suite
    Traditional/Y. Mori/Konsaku Yamada
  • Armandos Rhumba
    Chick Corea
  • Nordic Suite
    Anders Hagberg/Traditional
  • Tango
    Anders Hagberg
  • Silence
    Charlie Haden
  • Tofukuji
    Yasuhito Mori
  • Coffee Grinder
    S. Bechet
  • I'm Coming Virginia
    W.M. Cook/D. Heywood
  • Sweet Dreams Of Love
    D. Ellington/I. Mills
  • Harlem Bound
    F.E. Johnsson

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World Winds IGCD 010
Winduo CD
1990-01-01 ---

Expressions caught in a moment of musical rendez-vous between Japanese and European dialects. Two musicians from two worlds.

Yasuhito Mori - bass
Anders Hagberg - flutes, soprano sax

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