Rolf Jardemark - Jungle Crunch

  • Three Days Off
    Terje Sundby
  • Baby-Talk
    Rolf Jardemark
  • Half Spanish
    Terje Sundby
  • Merry-Go-Round / Terje Sundby
  • Last But Not Least
    Rolf Jardemark
  • For Jaco
    Terje Sundby/T. Sjögren
  • O.N.S.
    Terje Sundby
  • Understanding
    Terje Sundby
  • With A Smile On His Face
    Rolf Jardemark
  • Amish
    Terje Sundby

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Jungle Crunch IGCD 027
Rolf Jardemark CD
1991-10-01 ---

Original music by Terje Sundby, Rolf Jardemark and Tobias Sjögren and some standards. There is a lovely resistance in Jardemark’s Wes Montgomery-like fully technical harmony play … rich melodical expressions and sparkling joy of playing, which gives a lovely taste of more.

Rolf Jardemark - guitar
Terje Sundby - drums
Fredrik Bergman - bass
Jan Zirk - synth
David Wilczewski - tenor sax, soprano sax

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