Bohuslän Big Band - One Poem, One Painting

  • 500 Years
    Lars Jansson
  • This And That
    Lars Jansson
  • The Man With The Umbrellas
    Lars Jansson
  • No Doubt / Lars Jansson
  • 3 Heartbeats
    Lars Jansson
  • Red Leaves
    Lars Jansson
  • One Poem, One Painting
    Lars Jansson
  • Presence
    Lars Jansson
  • Marionett
    Lars Jansson

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One Poem, One Painting IGCD 074
Bohuslän Big Band CD
1998-11-01 ---

Lars Jansson, musician, composer and professor of music with the world as his sphere of activity, is one of the great profiles of jazz. Lars has composed music which exploits the orchestra's own musical talents well. He has not spared the powder when encouraging the orchestra's soloists to help themselves. He has also got the musicians to give of their best in the extremely well planned ensemble sections. After numerous battles in rehearsals he has come to recognise the capacity of the Bohuslän Big Band and its musicians.

Niklas Robertsson - alto sax, bcl
Johan Borgström - alto sax, soprano sax, flute, clarinet
Ove Ingemarsson - tenor sax, clarinet
Mikael Karlsson - tenor sax, flute
Jan Forslund - brs, cl, altfl
Lars Lindgren - trumpet, flh
Lennart Grahn - trumpet, flh
Hildegunn Öiseth trumpet, flh
Jan Eliasson - trumpet, flh
Fredrik Norén - trumpet
Bengt Åke Andersson - tb,
Christer Olofsson -tb
Ralph Soovik - tb
Niclas Rydh - bass tuba, tuba
Lars Jansson - piano, synth
Yasuhito Mori - bass
Anders Kjellberg - drums
Steen Raahauge - percussion

"Jansson's music, always rhythmic and melodious, swings at any and all tempos, and if we prefer the faster numbers ("500 Years," "No Doubt," "Presence"), that is a matter of personal taste and is in no way meant to besmirch the others; to the contrary, there is nothing on the album that doesn't earn the highest marks for structure and resourcefulness. Returning to the soloists we alluded to, Jansson himself is outstanding on "500 Years," "This and That," "Man with the Umbrellas," "3 Heartbeats," "Red Leaves" and "Marionett," as are trombonists Olofsson ("500 Years") and Andersson ("No Doubt"), saxophonists Borgström ("This and That," "No Doubt," "One Poem, One Painting") and Ingemarsson ("This and That," "Red Leaves," "Presence," "Marionett"), trumpeter Norén ("No Doubt," "Presence"), flutist Forslund ("Red Leaves"), bassist Mori ("3 Hearbeats"), drummer Kjellberg and percussionist Raahauge ("500 Years"). At the risk of over-selling the product, the opinion here is that One Poem, One Painting is in every respect as admirable a big-band recording as any I've heard this year."
By John M. Bowers

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