Karin Inde - Short Walk

  • Children Of Tibet
    Karin Inde
  • Drops Of Rain
    Karin Inde/Dalai Lama Vi
  • The Love Of Prince Paris
    Karin Inde/Dalai Lama Vi
  • Good Music
    Karin Inde
  • Secret Garden
    Karin Inde
  • White Crane
    Karin Inde/Dalai Lama Vi
  • Magnetic Triangular Field
    Henrik Cederblom/Karin Inde
  • Norris Believes
    Karin Inde
  • Let Us Pretend
    Karin Inde/Henrik Cederblom
  • Love You
    Karin Inde
  • Sleepless
    Karin Inde/Dalai Lama Vi
  • Short Walk
    Karin Inde/Dalai Lama Vi
Short Walk IGCD 076
Karin Inde CD
2001-02-28 ---

Karin sings her own music and lyrics together with musicians from western Sweden. Her music has different packings, from a lonely double bass via lots of guitars to electronic loops. And her voice. Karin Inde is 26 years old established as a vocal artist in Gothenburg. This debut album is a mix of pop, rock and jazz.

Karin Inde - vocal
Henrik Cederblom - guitar, various musicians

"Everything is very tasteful and in some tunes as close as you get to a Swedish Björk."

"Her phenomenal voice is clean warm natural and never monotonous."

"Short Walk is varied and kept together at the same time. Sometimes it is acoustic and naked, sometimes electric guitars, now and then loops and quite a lot of wind instruments."

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