Martina Almgren - September

  • Roundaround
    Martina Almgren
  • September - Singsong
    Owe Almgren
  • Mornin' Port-Bou
    Marcos Ubeda
  • Babebabop
    Owe Almgren
  • Indian Winter
    Björn Almgren
  • Live At The Living Room I
    M. Almgren/O. Almgren/B. Almgren/M. Ubeda
  • Live At The Living Room Ii
    M. Almgren/O. Almgren/B. Almgren/M. Ubeda

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September IGCD 081
Martina Almgren CD
1999-08-01 149 SEK Buy at

The quartet is situated in Gothenburg where the four take part of the lively music life. All members in the group have contributed with their own compositions. They play a great ensemble and you feel confident in their music.

Martina Almgren - drums
Björn almgren - saxophones
Marcos Ubeda - piano
Owe Almgren - el. Bass

"The idea with Nordic Meeting is simple: Give a strong music personality free hands to creat his own dream band and compose music for it. Few musicians would be a better choice than Lars Jansson. He is a brilliant composer and instrumentalist. He has a well developed tone laguage and the three strong individuals Paul McCandless, Johan Borgström and Paulo Fresu are given lots of space in Janssn's compositions."
Gabriel Byström, Götborgs Posten

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