Dan Johansson - The Blue Precentor

  • Watergames
    Håkan Broström
  • Everyday Life
    Håkan Broström
  • Beautiful Lily
    Tim Hagans
  • Open Up
    Håkan Broström
  • Morning-Gift
    Dan Johansson
  • The Snake And The Bridge
    Dan Johansson
  • The Blue Precentor
    Dan Johansson
  • Tic Toc
    Håkan Broström
  • Celeste
    Ralph Towner
  • Staying North
    Harri Ihanus

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The Blue Precentor IGCD 091
Dan Johansson CD
2001-02-20 ---

This recording, Dan’s first as a leader, not only showcases his trumpet playing but also his composing talents. My favorite jazz composers reflect their improvisational style in the tunes that they write. Thelonius Monk and Charlie Parker are great examples of this. Dan’s melodies and chord structures use the same harmonic language tha tare found in his improvisations. The Blue Precentor, Morning-Gift and The Snake and the Bridge give the listener a wonderful picture of Dan’s musical voice.

Another musician/composer featured on this recording is Håkan Broström. Long one of Europé’s most exciting saxophonists, he is also an inventive writer both for small groups and big bands. I am so glad that Dan has made this recording. It is a wonderful addition to my favorite trumpet records! And after listening one more time, I’m off to the practice room ……Tim Hagans, A trumpet fan

Dan Johansson - trumpet and flugelhorn
Håkan Broström - alto sax and soprano sax
Harri Ihanus - guitar
Filip Augustsson - bass
Bengt Stark - drums
Ion Baciu - piano

Music by Dan Johansson, Håkan Broström, Tim Hagans, Ralph Towner and Harri Ihanus.

"Dan Johansson is a really gifted soloist. He makes something of his own in his solos. He plays unusually melodious and has a warm and lyrical tone."

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