Owe Almgren - Basically low key

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Basically low key IGCD 148
Owe Almgren CD
2007-05-15 ---

basically low key When I started to play the bass I allways practised without an amp, so it became natural for me to listen to the acoustic sound of my bass. This sound is however very hard to hear when you play live in a band, but when you record you can catch this sound with a microphone in front of your bass. In this recording Åke Linton and I have worked hard to get the right blend between the acoustic sound and the sound from the amp. This music that I have recorded is music that I love to play and I hope you will enjoy listening to. /Owe Almgren Groups where I play/ have played with: Martina Almgren Quartet, Lars-Erik Norrström trio, barT feat Jim Beard TgLi (Linda Kallerdahl, Tomas Gustavsson, Anders Kjellberg) T.G Evil orchestra (Tomas Gustavsson, Jon Balke, A. Kjellberg, Nils-Olav Johansen,) Bohuslän Big Band plays Zappa, BBB plays Steely Dan (Jojje Wadenius) Black Moses, T.B.O.I and Paul Mac Innes Claes Janson, Burman/Ubeda Groupe,

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