Regula de Tri - Interactionism

  • Armchair Generals
    A. Backelund
  • Panacea
    A. Backelund
  • Hemliga viken
    A. Backelund
  • Genetic Fallacy
    M. Engström
  • Faux Souvenir
    A. Backelund
  • Taskspelaren
    M. Engström
  • Exhibit A
    M. Engström
  • For Brother Falcon
    A. Backelund

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Interactionism IGCD 237
Regula de Tri CD
2019-01-19 ---

Swedish Modern Mainstream Jazz
Barely two years after their eponymous debut album, Regula De Tri is back with the strong sequel
Interactionism. With less focus on swing than on the predecessor, the album consists of eight of their own
compositions ranging from straight ahead jazz in the american vein to fast samba and lyrical waltzes.
Since the debut album Regula De Tri has had some profound change due to Joakim Lenberg replacing Klas
Finngåård behind the drums. Klas is still a part of the group's sphere though, since he designed the wonderful
album cover.
This change in drummers affected the trio's style and arrangements a bit with a more drum-driven sound than
before. Pianist Mattias Engström and bassist Andreas Backelund still share the songwriting. Almost all tracks
are öfirst takesö because the trio felt that energy and interaction trumps exact melodies and flawless
improvisations. The title Interactionism is supposed to symbolize the connectivity and openness that is vital
for small group improvisation. This is also represented by the cover photo.
Mattias is a highly sought after pianist in the west of Sweden. He hails from Borås where he now lives after
studying and working in Stockholm. Joakim öJockeö Lenberg is a powerhouse drummer from the north of
Sweden who also resides in Borås and he is always on the lookout for new exciting projects. Andreas lives in
the small town of Falköping and shares his musical endeavours between playing jazz and composing in all
kind of genres.

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