Lars Jansson - Hope

  • How Deep Is The Ocean
    Irving Berlin
  • The Tree
    Lars Jansson
  • Hope
    Lars Jansson
  • Live, Be Where You Are
    Lars Jansson
  • Why Was I Left Under The Sky
    Lars Jansson
  • Living Under The Road To Paradise
    Lars Jansson
  • Summer Rain
    Lars Jansson
  • A Little Blues For You
    Lars Jansson
  • A Blissful Smile
    Lars Jansson
  • In Peaceful Sleep
    Lars Jansson

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Hope IGCD 078
Lars Jansson CD
1999-11-01 ---

The trio at its best. Once again Lars Jansson has composed some lovely tunes to be executed by his trio. The music is lyrical and contemplative and adhere to a European and Swedish tradition, which also includes the Swedish Bobo Stenson Trio and the English John Taylor.

Lars Jansson - piano
Anders Kjellberg - drums
Lars Danielsson - bass

"Lyrical, melodious and creating piano jazz on a high international level, … an impressing ensemble all through the album. It is another splendidly good jazz album by Lars Jansson Trio, piano jazz at its best."

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