Rolf Jardemark - Rosewood

  • Rosewood Rolf Jardemark
  • The sun came through Rolf Jardemark
  • Golden Moor Rolf Jardemark
  • The invisible man Rolf Jardemark
  • God bless you Rolf Jardemark
  • Swedish Pastry Barney Kessel
  • O console pequeno Rolf Jardemark
  • Jazzid Blue Rolf Jardemark
  • Have we met before? Rolf Jardemark

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Rosewood IGCD 114
Rolf Jardemark CD
2005-11-15 ---

This is Jardemark's fourth album on Imogena. This time he has gathered his friends Lars Danielsson on bass and drummer Anders Kjellberg again. They got very good reviews on their last album. Jardemark is unable to resist his need to play jazz - writes a critic from the British Jazz Journal. After listening to the CD Guitarland most everyone is inclined to agree. In the Danish Special Jazz you find: Jardemark plays 'real' jazz guitar and has a delightful and warm sound.

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